Who Invented The Spiral Notebook

Have you wondered

  • Who invented the spiral notebook?

Spiral notebooks are used extensively by everyone. Even though there are a few people who would prefer to use mobile phones, laptop or iPad for taking urgent notes, the good old spiral notebooks have not lost its charm.

Spiral notebooks are available in all sizes and colours. It is used in writing love letters or funny messages or to write some of your ideas as it comes. It comes in handy to write short notes so it could be used for future references.

Spiral notebooks are very convenient than normal notebooks because you can write any notes and tear off the papers without damaging the other parts of the book. Kids especially love spiral notebooks drawing notebooks to draw or use the papers for rockets.

There are so many small things in life which we take for granted. Have we ever wondered what the story behind those small things is? Who invented it? Why they invented it?

Let’s we find the story of the spiral notebook:

who invented the spiral notebook

Spiral Notebooks

The first mention of the spiral notebook was found in an issue in October 1934 in a popular magazine. The article shows readers how to bind the pages together using a coil spring, which is what a spiral notebook is all about, but, no one has been given credit for the above.

No author or citation has been mentioned in the above article, makes it difficult to find whose idea it is from.

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In the Roman Empire around 60 CE, the spiral notebook got its development. In the early days, the holy scriptures like the Bible were being copied by handwritten notes by rolling up into scrolls.

At that time someone had brought square pages as the bright ideal copy to copy the Bible. Those pages were organised beautifully that, it had holes in succession and it had punched out in them.

So that with the help of chords it could be stringing together. This was very convenient and portable than the scrolls which were very cumbersome and disorganised.

After this idea, early Christians started using them for their travelling ministry duties.

If found from the deep pages of US patent office history, it seems there lies an application for spiral notebook patent. In early 1935, there seems to be a patent application for the spiral notebook.

The title given to the patent application was “Binding Construction and Method”.

The patent application does show that MR.Walter Grumbacher as the inventor. The detailed instructions in the patent application does indicate that. However, the patent has been given to Spiral Binding Co.Ltd.

Let us see the short note on the Spiral binding company,inc. It was started in 1932 in the US as the first mechanical binding company. They created the original metal spiral-coil binding and later the Spiralastic, a popular plastic coil to replace wire during World War II.

The US patent office also shows an interesting record. It shows that a  Mr.Edward Podosek also applied for the patent of spiral notebooks and other common office supplied in 1983.

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