Who Invented Homework

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Who first invented homework


It is a well-known fact that many students dislike homework. However for most of the students homework is the integral part of their educational life. In order to gain the better understanding of subjects taught in the school or college, students are given homework or assignment. However it also a fact that basically many students has aversion towards homework.

Who invented homework and why is this practice still followed today?

Roberto Nevellis who was teacher in Venice introduced the concept of homework in 1905. There might be many more teachers who would have given homework prior to Robert Nevellis but there is no evidence of any other teacher giving homework to students.

System of giving homework began at the same time as the formal education was introduced. In 19th century formal education system was only accessible to rich and elite class. Nevellis wanted his students to have complete understanding of the lessons taught by him and that is why introduced the concept of homework. Eventually during the same time many of the educational institutions were developed and thus homework became integral part of the European educational system.

American education system and homework

Homework in the USA was a rare phenomenon till 19th century. In fact concept of homework was not liked by many parents. Firstly because higher education was not given much importance in those days and secondly many children had to support their family with work after school. Therefore parents and school administration did not support this system of homework. This can be seen from the fact that in 1901 a law was passed in California that abolished homework till students reach eighth grade.

However after Second World War education was given more importance and need of educated population in the form of scientists, economist, researchers etc. was realized. In order to be at par with Soviet Union American education system burdened their students with homework. As Soviet Union education system made students work hard by giving them homework.

Many studies conducted in the US about the homework suggested that American’s favor homework to considerable extent right from school to the college. The research studies conducted to understand the effectiveness of homework and its extent has displayed mixed results. Few studies have revealed that homework in large extent which ranges from 90 minutes to over two hours a week have harmful effect on learning. Therefore instead of exploring who invested homework it is more important to explore whether homework is effective tool for education.

However as a matter of fact homework still exists and as a concept is able to sustain from many years in education sector. Many of us feel that it helps in learning. Poor students cannot escape from this ritual and they have to finish their assignments before they think of spending their time in enjoying and relaxing.


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