Who Invented First Pendulum Clock

Have you wondered

  • Who invented pendulum clock
  • why does a grandfather clock use a long pendulum

In 1656, a Dutch scientist named Christiaan Huygens who made first pendulum clock, like today’s grandfather clocks. Working on pendulum clock goes like this – pendulum swings back and forth at a precise speed, this clock was the most accurate yet.

In fact, for almost 300 years, the pendulum clock was the world’s most dependable timekeeper.

Back in the days of water clocks — they dripped, dripped, dripped like sand in an hourglass — timekeeping was not very accurate. That made life hard to organize.who made first pendulum clock

Around 1277, a clock powered by gears that were driven by weights was invented in Europe. It was much better at keeping time than earlier clocks.

Many gear-powered clocks had no numbers or hands on their faces. Instead, bells rang out the time — the word “clock” comes from the Latin word for bell.



Clocks made things run like, well, clockwork. But they were also a big help to ocean sailors and explorers. These mariners could use a clock to figure out their longitude (their position east or west on the Earth).

Today, computers depend on internal clocks to coordinate various processes. And scientists use clocks to locate the epicenter of earthquakes, maintain the accuracy of satellite navigation systems and more.

Pendulum Clock mechanism

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