Who Invented Alphabet

who invented alphabetHave you ever got questions like who, when, where and why was alphabet was created? Here you can get your questions answered.

The Egyptians had an early form of alphabet, but it’s the Phoenicians who came up with the alphabet in the year 1100 BCE and who got the credit for creating an alphabet that was widely used and adapted.

The Phoenicians were sea traders who lived in what is now Lebanon, Syria, and Israel.

They travelled all over the Mediterranean to countries as far away as Tunisia, Spain, Portugal, Southern France and Sicily.

With all that trade, the Phoenicians needed an easy system to record business deals. The reason for inventing alphabet is that they found cuneiform writing slow, so they came up with a better system — an alphabet.

The Phoenician alphabet had 22 consonants but no vowels. It was written right to left, and their words were run together like this. The Phoenicians eventually inserted dots between words — this made reading easier.


Many of the people who traded with the Phoenicians adopted their alphabet. That made sharing ideas and doing business easier.

But without vowels, the Phoenician alphabet didn’t serve everyone’s needs. It was hard to use with languages such as Latin, German, Greek, and English, which required vowels to be clearly understood.

Eventually, the Greeks, Etruscans, and Romans modified the Phoenician alphabet and added vowels. Our modern alphabets are derived from those later alphabets.

Even the modern word “alphabet” comes from the first two characters in the Greek alphabet — alpha and beta.

This is how alphabet was invented, Hope you find this article helpful.


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