When Was The Camera Invented

Many of us have the obsession of getting clicked very often isn’t? Or maybe you are on a trip and want to capture the memories of the place in your camera. Thanks to the introduction of smartphones that everyone now has a camera in their smartphones.

when was the camera invented

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No matter whether you belong to the generation where the camera was just an individual device or the new generation carrying a camera in their smartphones wherever they go, a camera is one thing we all use to click special moments in our lives.

Cameras possess a history of their own and the evolution of camera started with

  • Dry plates
  • Camera obscura
  • Daguerreotypes
  • Calotypes


Well, the camera changed our lives and it helped us capture, then recollect our memories in form of pictures and cherish past memories. Do you know the history behind the invention of the camera? Who invented the wonderful device camera that helped us live in the moment? The history behind its invention is quite interesting.

Invention of the first Camera

The past documentations available say that Johann Zahn designed the very first camera which was portable too in 1685. To everyone’s surprise, no developments took place till 130 years since then. It’s not that no-one tried making improvements with the device, but everything was in vain.

Joseph Nicephore Niepce

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Years later in 1814, it was Joseph Nicephore Niepce who captures the first picture. So, when it comes to the invention camera, the credit is shared between two people – Johann Zahn and Joseph Nicephore Niepce.

Johann Zahn

Johann Zahn – Image Source

Well, though the first picture was clicked by Nicephore it was temporary as he clicked it using the camera he has developed himself on silver chloride coated paper. The areas in the picture that weren’t exhibited to the light simply turned dark.


The Journey of the invention of the camera holds more in store

Yes, the entire journey of the camera and photography holds a lot more in store as many people contributed as the development continued. For example, Louis Daguerre who is in the list of the journey is given credit to invent first actual photography. The journey for him wasn’t easy as it took him over a decade to bring in the constructive photography method.

Louis Daguerre

Louis Daguerre – Image Source

The Invention of the first effective camera

Alexander Walcott was the man to invent the first effective camera that helped click photos actually didn’t fade faster.

Alexander Wolcott

Alexander Wolcott – Image Source

Alexander Wolcott camera

Alexander Wolcott camera – Image Source

Then the process was continuous and a lot of people started experimenting and working on methods that brought in remarkable developments in a camera that produced high-quality pictures.


Huge-sized cameras used in ancient times

Huge-sized cameras used in ancient times

The cameras in ancient times were huge in size so much so that a lot of people used to operate a single camera. It is simply unbelievable but true that the camera used to be as huge as a room. Yes, it was like a huge space that could easily provide room for a lot of people inside.

Till 1940s such huge cameras were in use. While some cameras could easily take pictures but were unable to save those pictures. In such cases, the photographer had to spend extra time to trace the images manually after the images were captured.

In the beginning, the pictures produced by such cameras were blurred and with time there was the improvement in the picture quality. The images captured by the first camera were black and white. It was in the 1940s when people could witness coloured images when the photography was taken to the next level.

Though there were baby steps taken in the field of camera and photography until the 1940s, later it saw speedy improvement and development bringing in new techniques and clarity of pictures.

Hope this article on the invention of the first camera helped you in gaining information. Please let us know is article helpful or not?


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