When Fire Was Discovered

No one knows exactly how or when the fire was discovered or learned to control it, but it was a huge advance in human civilization.

Maybe lightning zapped a tree and set it on fire. Or perhaps an early human rubbed two rocks together, sending a spark flying and starting some grass burning.


How did early humans use fire

  • With the warmth of the fire, humans could move to colder climates. But they also no longer needed their heavy body hair and gradually lost it.
  • Without so much hair, they could hunt in the hot part of the day when most furry animals are snoozing and easier to catch.

want to know When First Humans Appear

when the fire was discovered


  • The fire also meant people had light, so they could stay up later, which gave them more time to make tools and bond with each other. And fire protected them from insects and wild animals.


  • People began to sleep huddled around a fire with others. That meant they had to develop tolerance of others and build relationships.

About 4,00,000 years ago, someone dropped some meat in a fire, either by accident or on purpose.

When she pulled it out and popped it in her mouth — yum! Gradually, people’s digestive tracts shrank because cooked food was easier to process than tough, raw food.

Softer food also led to smaller teeth. Brains got bigger, and with better nutrition, people got bigger, too, and began living longer.



People began to use fire in new ways. They used the smoke to send messages.

Artists drew with charred sticks. Some of their artwork still survives in caves.

By 29,000 years ago, people were putting pottery in bonfires to “fire” it to make it stronger.


About 8000 years ago, farmers began burning fields to remove grasses so they could plant crops.

As early as 5500 years ago, people in the Middle East used fire to melt bronze and make such things as tools, decorations, and weapons.


When people boiled water over the fire, they got more than just tea — they made steam.

Many years later, In 1776, that became the power for a new kind of engine. Talk about setting the world on fire!

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