When and Where Was The Spinning Wheel Invented

Have you ever got a question like when and where was the spinning wheel invented and why it is invented,  and who invented the spinning wheel and what is the impact of inventing the spinning wheel because we wear clothes that were made by spinning the wheel long years back?

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Until about 200 years ago, women made most of the clothes for their families.

First, they had to make the thread, then weave it into cloth.

To create the thread, they used animal hair or plant fibers.

The women realized that if they twisted the fibers together, the thread was stronger.

They made the twisted thread using a hand tool called a drop spindle.

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As early as the year 500, an Indian inventor mounted a spindle on its side and added the wheel.

This spinning wheel Invention allowed women to make thread almost twice as fast, speeding up cloth production.

Many other people and scientists say that Chinese people invented the spinning wheel.

But according to research done on the internet for “when and where the spinning was invented” on google we found the results written above.

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