What is MP3 compression?

Audio files in a normal compact disc can be very large. This is because information on a compact disc is stored in the form of binary digits.

MP3 compression reduces the number of bits by taking out unnecessary information. One of the main advantages of MP3 files is that they still retain acceptable audio quality, even after compression, while greatly reducing the size of the file. MP3 files can be downloaded faster than normal files.

Moreover, they also take up less space in your computer’s memory. MP3 technology also made MP3 players possible.

So, if you love listening to music wherever you go on your handy little MP3 player, you have to thank the German company Fraunhofer Gesellschaft which developed the MP3 technology.

Two names are mentioned most frequently in connection with the development of MP3. They are Dieter Seitzer and Karlheinz Brandenburg who is often called the ‘father of MP3’.

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