Who Invented Twix Candy Bars

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  • Who Invented Twix Candy Bars
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Chocolate candies made in shape of the bar containing soft butter cookies with soft caramel and milk chocolate covering is Twix candy bars.

Who Invented Twix Candy Bars

Twix Candy Bar

They were first manufactured by Mars Limited’s Slough factory in the UK in 1937. This is the same place where Mars bars were first created by Forrest Edward Mars Sr. in 1930. In 1931 they were introduced in Western Europe under the brand name of “Raider”.  In the U.S it was introduced as Twix Cookie Bar in 1979. It was wrapped in golden paper and its slogan in orange read “Chocolate caramel and a Surprising Cookie Crunch”

The Twix candy became a popular treat around the world due to its softness and chewiness. However, Mars Inc. was not contented with the sales, therefore, they started to further improvise the product. Their improvisation effort led to the introduction of Twix peanut butter version. The peanut butter has now taken the place of caramel. This new version e was an instant hit.

Why is a Twix called a Twix?

The packaging of this bar is done in pairs. Each packet contains two candy bars (i.e twins and initial advertisement campaign lays emphasis on mix, therefore, the two work got mixed to form Twix. So, the word Twix would be probably a mix if Twin and Mix (referring to a pair of candy bars and a mixture of ingredients) or Twin and Biscuits.

Mars Inc, in the process of internationalization, changed the name from “Raider” to “Twix” in 1991 across the globe. There was an ad campaign in the German language “Raider heißt Jetzt Twix…. sonständert sich nix (nicht)” meaning Raider is now Twix, nothing else is changed. Although some people considered it a gimmick to increase the sale of Raider.


 Facts about Twix candy bar

Twix candy bars come in packages of two or four. A smaller version is also available. It is available in different varieties with chocolate cookies and peanut butter topping. Some other varieties include mint, ice cream, cookies and cream, chocolate fudge, coconut etc.

The regular size of a Twix bar was reduced in the UK by fourteen percent i.e. from 58 grams to 50 grams. A packet of Twix contains total 284 calories out of which 125 is from fats. The contents of Milk chocolate are thirty-seven percent, Biscuit thirty-two percent, and Caramel thirty-one percent. The bar also contains information about the allergens related to Soy, Wheat, and Milk.

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