Who Invented Scissors Leonardo Da Vinci

If you need to cut open the bunch of vegetables, or coffee sachet, or cut the package or make a craft. Which is one tool that will be commonly used in the above-mentioned activities? Yes, you are right it is scissors.

Scissors have multiple usages you can use it to cut paper into shape and size, it can be used to cut weeds, cloth, hair or even pizza.

Inspite of multiple areas where scissors can be used its design is very simple. It just two blades attached to each other at pivotal point with a handle attached to it.

Leonardo da Vinci is most of the time cited as the inventor of scissors although he was a great man scissors were in use since the 1500 century B.C.

The scissors they used were made of two metal plates made of bronze. The plates were kept at a distance with the help of spring and when squeezed together they used to meet and cut the material between.

The cross –blade design that we use today was made by Roman’s in around 100 A.D. using bronze and iron.

Robert Hinchliffe from England is acknowledged as the inventor or modern day scissor. He used steel for the first time and these scissors were produced in mass quantity in 1761.

How does scissor work?

Technically scissors are double liver where the pivot serves the purpose of fulcrum. In order to cut thick material mechanical benefits associated with lever could be utilized by placing material close to the fulcrum.

Modern scissors comes in variety of shapes and sizes which can be effectively used for various purposes. Scissors made for children do not have sharp edges and there corners are rounded for the safety purpose.

Many scissors come with an appendage which is known as a finger brace. It allows middle finger to rest on it thus helps in better control and provides more power to cut stuff accurately.

Other special type of scissors areĀ  sewing scissors in which one plate has sharp point and other has blunt point which helps in cutting the fabric. Nail scissors blades are curved.

There scissors that can also be operated by foot. Majority of scissors made can be comfortably used by right hand however there are some left handed scissors designed for people who are lefty.

As blades of scissors overlap they are not symmetric in shape. It is suitable for human hands which are also asymmetric. However in market ambidextrous scissors are also available.

The handles of these types of scissors are symmetric, there is no difference between the thumb and finger handles. The pivot points too are very strong.

Superstitions associated with scissors

It is not considered good to drop pair of scissors. Especially when the scissor is dropped and it sticks to ground it is considered as death omen.

In some other region there is slight variation if on dropping both the points come together that means wedding is round the corner however if on dropping points are separate then funeral is close by.

They are not always dangerous in the world of superstitions in some part of the world they are also kept below doormat to protect your home from evil spirits.

In Africa it is considered that during wedding opening and closing of the scissor makes the groom impotent. Last not but not the least do not handover scissor directly to your friend place is on the table; otherwise your relationship with friend might get severed.

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