Who invented the food processor

Who invented the food processor, is that your query?

Food processors are helpful appliances that are used in kitchens everywhere. Their main purpose is making meal preparation much easier and faster for the cook.

who invented the food processor

Food Processor

Surprisingly, the food processor was not invented by a scientist, but by a salesman! Pierre Verdon was a French catering company salesman, who travelled all over the country watching his customers slice vegetables, grind spices, and blend dressings by hand.

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This inspired him to invent a machine that would do these jobs. His device, which he introduced in 1971, was a basic model that could chop, slice and knead dough.

Carl Sontheimer, an engineer, refined Verdon’s machines to produce the popular food processor known as Cuisinart.

Today’s food processors are equipped with several settings to knead, shred, grind, chop, slice, mix, blend, shave and pulverize the different types of ingredients needed for a meal.

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