Why are fuel cell bikes cool?

Fuel cell bikes are a new invention- and a cool one at that. On an ordinary bike, you cannot travel very long distances, as you would get exhausted from all the pedaling.

The alternatives to this are electric bikes, and fuel cell bikes. An electric bike has a motor that is driven by electricity from a battery. A fuel cell bicycle, on the other hand, uses hydrogen as a fuel.

The battery found on an electric bike is replaced by a compact fuel cell which generates electric power from hydrogen and oxygen, taken from the surrounding atmosphere.

The Italian bike maker Aprilia has developed a fuel cell bike that stores compressed hydrogen in metal canister housed in the frame.

With a top speed of 32 kilometers per hour, the bike weighs less than regular electric bikes and travels twice as far, about 69 kilometers, before it needs more gas.

Fuel cell bikes have the great advantage of offering an environment-friendly mode of transport.

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