First Humans Appear

About six million years ago first humans appeared.

Sahelanthropus is the name of the first human on earth, one of our earliest human ancestors, may have swung down from a tree in Africa and started to walk upright.

He had a smaller brain than we do, a flatter face and a heavy eyebrow ridge.

In fact, he looked a bit like an ape, which is not surprising — humans descended from apes more than six million years ago. when did first humans appear

Walking on two legs gave early humans lots of advantages over other animals.

Standing upright made them taller, so they could see farther to look for food or spot danger.

Having their arms free allowed them to carry things, use tools or fight.

As humans’ brains developed and grew bigger, our ancestors wanted to explore and see what was beyond the next hill.

About 1.8 million years ago, some early humans began to leave Africa.

They first travelled to Eurasia (now China and India) tells us that humans first appear in India and China around 1.8 million years ago.

Later, about 800 000 years ago, humans first arrived in Europe.

About 200 000 years ago, First Homo sapiens — modern humans like us — evolved in Africa.

They migrated to the Middle East around 125 000 years ago, then on to South Asia by 50 000 years ago.

They also sailed to Australia around that time. About 40 000 years ago, Homo sapiens arrived in Europe, and in East Asia approximately 10 000 years after that.

No one knows for sure when humans first appeared in North America.

Sometime between 30 000 and 14 000 years ago, they likely sailed from Asia across the North Pacific.

Then they continued down the west coast of North America and even as far south as South America.

RIPPLES: – As you read more articles in this blog, you’ll discover the many ways humans have changed the world.

Controlling fire was one of the humans’ first big achievements — it led to changes in diet, society, even body hair!

Humans, it turned out, were good problem solvers and went on to invent everything from the wheel to the printing press to the World Wide Web.

We’ve also always been curious, exploring new lands, new ideas and new ways of doing things.

For instance, Nicolaus Copernicus revolutionized people’s ideas about the universe, New Zealand women toppled the men-only club of politics when they got the vote, and Facebook changed how people keep in touch.

Not all the events in human history have been positive.

Wars, especially World War II, have ravaged countries, and the hunger for more resources has put a strain on the planet.

The future poses new problems to solve, such as fuel, food and water shortages and climate change.



  1. Hello, to be completely honest with all due respect to the authors this needs a lot more thought because some of the text is incorrect. Without fully dissecting the article, I disagree with the notion that humans descended from apes. Genetically engineered human perhaps was the start of our ancestry.

  2. According to the Christian point of View, God created mankind.Biblical I don’t agree with your information.
    thank you

  3. How does the author know these information as there were no records? The period of Sahelanthropus,the name of the first human on earth should be an assumption and what is the basis of this assumption. Is the information verifiable?

  4. I believe in God but we have no idea of this conception at all, our world gives us life, it generates life in varies forms. I some cases this life is in the form of fodder for larger creatures. Some of forms life are a curse such as mosquitoes & bugs, but we know not of their purpose? Humans even in the crudest form must have have been in a human form originally. I am 92 years of age & have given a lot of thought on this subject. Please enjoy your precious life, don’t waste time anticipating another lifetime elsewhere! Good Luck !!!

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