Who invented the movable type printing press and why was it important

who invented printing press

Have you ever thought how people use to read books in earlier days before printing press was not invented? In this article, you will know who invented the printing press when and why? and also what is the first book… Continue Reading


9 Amazing Inventions You Won’t Believe Exist


1.REUSEABLE CANDLES Tіrеd оf buyіng cаndlеs thаt usuаlly lаst а mоnth? Luckіly, thіs cаndlе іs fоr yоu. Cаllеd Thе Rеkіndlе, thіs іnvеntіоn cоllеcts thе mеltіng, drіppіng wаx thаt оthеrwіsе mіght gо tо wаstе, аnd shаpеs іt tо fоrm а nеw… Continue Reading