Cabot reaches the “New World”

John Cabot was an Italian explorer who sailed on behalf of England. That wasn’t unusual in those days.

Many explorers, including Christopher Columbus, embarked on explorations for any country that put up money for their voyages. Like Columbus, too, Cabot was born in Italy, round 1450.

He moved to England about 1495 and secured the sponsorship of King Henry VII. His mission, like that of Columbus, was to discover a route to the riches and spices of the East.

On his first journey, in 1497, his ship, the Matthew, left Bristol, with about 20 people (possibly including his sons) aboard.

It landed at either Newfoundland, Labrador or Cape Breton — no one is sure of the exact location. Cabot noted the abundance of fish in the area and thought he’d reached the East.

When he returned to England, he was hailed a hero. In 1498, he sailed again,
this time with five vessels. It’s believed that he never returned.

RIPPLES:- Cabot’s landing place is a mystery, but he did make it to North America, the first European after the Vikings to do so.

His journey gave England a claim to what later became Canada.

His report that the North Atlantic was teeming with fish, especially cod, led to the creation of a huge fishing industry.

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