How has the balloon catheter revolutionised medicine?

The removing of blood clots from veins and arteries used to be a complicated process, and one that was often fatal for the patient.

The development of a technique known as angioplasty, and the invention of the balloon catheter by Thomas Fogarty in 1969, greatly reduced this risk.

Angioplasty is done using a thin, soft tube called a catheter. A doctor inserts the catheter into a blood vessel in the groyne or wrist. He carefully guides the catheter through blood vessels until it reaches. the coronary arteries. If there is a blockage, the catheter is moved to the narrowed part of the artery. A tiny balloon is moved through the catheter and is used to open the artery. The balloon is inflated for a short time. Then it is deflated, and removed. The pressure from the inflated balloon makes more room for the blood to flow. Thus, we can say that the invention of the balloon catheter created medical history.

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